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Open position:

We currently have two PhD position available. Both positions start 1. October 2019. One project is funded by Cancer Research UK (CR-UK), the other is  a PhD Cancer Research Fellowship funded by the Institute of Transnational Medicine (ITM). Please find more details about both projects below.


1. CR-UK funded project:”Studying the metastatic stroma in pancreatic cancer to find better therapies”

This project is based on our previous findings (Nielsen et al., Nature Cell Biology, 2016) and aims to provide new molecular insights about the reciprocal interactions of macrophages and myofibroblasts during pancreatic cancer metastasis. The project will run over 4 years.  The successful candidate will be affiliated to the University of Liverpool. The successful applicant will be awarded a non-taxable & national insurance free annual stipend of £19,000/annum plus payment of university tuition and bench fees.

Applications can only be accepted from Home/EU students.

To apply, please visit:



2. ITM funded project: “Targeting macrophages to disrupt pancreatic cancer metastasis”

This project aims to characterize in depth how macrophage functions change during pancreatic cancer metastasis and how these changes affect our immune response towards cancer. This project is based on our recent publication (Quaranta et al. Cancer Research, 2018). This is a 3-year project and the PhD studentship covers tuition fees, research support costs and a stipend at UKRI standard rates (£14,999 p.a. for 2019/20). The studentship is open to UK, EU and international candidates.


To apply, please visit:




In addition, we always interested to receive applications from motivated, self-funded, researchers on PhD student and post-doctoral level.

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