Carolyn Rainer

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Topics Handling
Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Power Electronics Augue sed facilisis rutrum 45 mins
Introduction to Calculus Etiam ut orci eget augue Standard 30 mins
Basic Laws and Policies Pretium viverra ipsum Easy 40 mins
Healthcare Delivery Mauris sapien ipsum Hard 30 mins
General Business Law Proin condimentum nibh Hard 30 mins
General Business Law Vestibulum eu urna 120 mins
Emerging Trends and Technologies Cras gravida vitae tortor at malesuada Standard 40 mins
Fitness Training Program Faucibus accumsan neque Easy 40 mins
Fitness Training Program Odio nec pretium elementum Standard 45 mins
Fitness Training Program Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique Easy 30 mins
Architecture Analysis & Design Ornare et adipiscing et Easy 30 mins
Architecture Analysis & Design Suspendisse ac felis in sapien rutrum Hard 50 mins
Analysis of Algorithms Mucius antiopam mediocritatem Easy 60 mins
Analysis of Algorithms Legendos assentior Easy 25 mins
Advanced Programming Ut enim ad minima veniam Hard 30 mins

Project aim:

My project aims to characterise in detail immunological changes in the tumour microenvironment at the metastatic site during metastasis. We recently received a new mass cytometry (HELIOS), which allows to measure a variety of surface markers at the same time and in the same sample. Thus, I am currently trying to establish this new technique with the aim to study the different immune cell populations that are present at the metastatic site and how these immune cells might contribute to the survival and growth of pancreatic cancer cells.